Fountain Wedding Cakes Designs

Fountain Wedding Cake Designs Fountain Wedding Cakes DesignsAmazing Fountain Wedding Cake

To ensure that your cake is perfect for your wedding day, you can try a fountain cake. Adding a water fountain to your cake design provides many benefits. Guests will remember your reception as the one with the fantastic fountain cake. Fountain cakes incorporate the use of water, either clear or colored. A spin on the fountain idea is having a chocolate fountain as part of the structure of the cake.

Wedding Cake Water Fountain Fountain Wedding Cakes DesignsWater Fountain Wedding Cake Decorations

Add a water fountain for your wedding cake. This will mesmerize your guests and make your cake the true center piece of your wedding. Adding a water fountain to your cake can add an ethereal yet contemporary element to your wedding. Typically the water fountain is placed on a special support plate on the bottom layer of the cake. Separating the cake tiers with columns allows room for your fountain to flow.

Castle Fountain Wedding Cakes Fountain Wedding Cakes DesignsCastle Fountain Wedding Cake Pictures

This fountain cake will need to be as large as the area you plan to use for your cake presentation. You can use champagne to add a great touch and sparkle to your cake. Adding a fountain wedding cake to your wedding can really help you customize your wedding and add a very elegant touch to the reception.

Chocolate Fountain Wedding Cake Fountain Wedding Cakes DesignsChocolate Fountain Wedding Cake Decorations

Everyone likes chocolate. The chocolate fountain is usually a stainless steel fountain arranged in several tiers that have a decreasing diameter as they rise upward. The fountain acts as a giant fondue and a wide variety of treats can be placed along side the fountain. If you are a chocolate lover, and most of us are, a chocolate fountain can be a unique and exciting centerpiece for your wedding reception table.

Fountain Wedding Cakes Stairs Fountain Wedding Cakes DesignsBeautiful Fountain Wedding Cake With Stairs

To understand what exactly fountain wedding cakes are, take a good look at any portable fountain. You can choose multi flavor cake with each tier having a different flavor. Technological advancement can help you add sound effects to your fountain wedding cakes. Your wedding cake is going to be the star attraction for quite some time i.e. during the cake cutting ceremony. Fountain wedding cakes will surely take yours and your partner’s mood beyond any horizon.

Fountain Wedding Cake Fountain Wedding Cakes DesignsFountain Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cakes with fountains can turn a wedding reception from special to extraordinary. Most wedding cakes with fountains have flowers around the bases of the fountains, enhancing their size. You can order your wedding caked from a local bakery, and then go to a wedding accessories store and by the cake stand and fountain.